Local Bronze Turkey


  • Birds from 4.5kg to 9kg
  • Local farm reared
  • Giblets Included
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Local Bronze Turkey

Choose from Whole Christmas Turkey or Turkey Crown for a show-stopping centrepiece.

For a flavoursome turkey with a slight gamey taste, our free-range Bronze turkeys are the perfect choice. These turkeys are slightly smaller and slower growing than the white turkeys and, as a result, are a little more expensive but the later maturity of these breeds does offer a richer flavour.

Bronze turkeys are the result of crossing Blacks with North American wild turkeys and were the most popular choice for Christmas until White turkeys started being mass produced.  They are slightly heavier than Black turkeys with a broader breast (although not as large as the White’s).

Price Per KG / Unit

£12.50 kg


9kg +, Up to 4.95kg, Up to 5.95kg, Up to 6.95kg, Up to 7.95kg, Up to 8.95kg


Crown, Whole