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Our Farm

Working With Nature


Incredible Produce

We love food and we are proud to be part of the food and farming industry. Our family farm has Charles and Janie Antrobus (The Farmers) and our three little farmers, daughters Annorah, Esther and Hattie. We live in beautiful Warwickshire in the heart of the British countryside.

Here at Greenways Farm we are incredibly proud of our produce and wish to showcase this by selling our products direct to our customers. Our aim for the future of our farm is to protect and enhance our environment. As custodians of the land we work with nature as much as possible and practice regenerative farming in order to be sustainable for future generations. We aim to leave the soil in a healthier condition than when we came to it. Regenerative farming means to us that we can use more natural processes were possible. We no longer plough the ground with machinery and leave the worms to do the ploughing for us which inevitably reduces carbon emissions. Predominantly an arable farm we grow Oil Seed Rape, Barley, Wheat, Oats. We try to enhance nature and natural ecosystems wherever we can by planting native wild flowers in and around our fields to help support biodiversity.

We love farming and producing quality produce from the land is our way of life. We hope our experience and knowledge of the industry means we can grow, produce and source amazing products to sell directly to our customers so they can enjoy the finest nutritious and sustainable produce straight from our family farm.

We also have beef cattle. It is important that our cattle are 100% grass fed. Not only does this mean the meat is healthier but that our cattle’s emissions are lower than a grain fed cow. We have chosen a small native suckler herd of British White Cattle, they are slow growing and lightweight so not compacting the ground. The eating quality of the beef they produce is all in the taste, proof that the cattle are happy and content eating rich pastures.


We Love Farming

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Generation Farmers

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100% British Beef

We believe in our heritage, which is why we farm native British cattle, which are 100% grass fed. The cattle drink from our natural spring and they are born, raised and finished close to our farm. We feel this is important for taste and quality of the beef and for our customers to know the journey the cattle have taken was a content one.

100% Grass fed

Our cattle are grazed on our lush pastures all year round as they would have been many years ago. The lush pastures provide a perfect balance of vitamins and nutrients to give our cattle the healthiest and flavoursome diet.


Beef from grass fed, grass finished cattle is healthier than grain fed cattle. Grass fed beef has higher levels of vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and dietary protein.

Natural Beauty

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Wild Meadow Flowers

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Honey Bees


British Native Cattle

Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

if you want healthier cooking oil that tastes great and is grown, harvested and pressed in our bee-A-utiful country of England then make the change to Rapeseed Oil. Chefs and Foodies are enjoying the culinary and health benefits it has to offer!

Bake, Cook, Fry, Dress

We love our green and pleasant land and we believe in looking after our soil. This resonates throughout our farming practices. We do not disturb our soil and rely on nature to help us create the best quality produce.

What are the health benefits?

Rapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of a rapeseed plant, the same plant family Brassica, of our favourite veg such as, broccoli, cabbage and Cauliflower. You can buy two types of oil, standard rapeseed oil which are labelled vegetable oil or cold pressed rapeseed oil, which is the premium product often called virgin or extra-virgin, (check your labels).

Rapeseed Oil is celebrated for its health benefits. It is less unhealthy saturated fat than all other cooking oils and fats. It is also high in mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats omega 3, 6 and 9 so can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels as part of a healthy balanced diet – beneficial for heart health. And it is a rich source of vitamin E. It also has fantastic cooking benefits, you can cook with rapeseed oil at high temperatures without smoking and burning. It is also great used cold in salads, dressings and marinades.



100% British oil, natural and versatile



With its high burn point, rapeseed oil is a versatile alternative to olive oil



Rapeseed oil isn’t as thick as other oils, so your roast potatoes go crispy every time



Our delicious oil is a beautiful golden colour, perfect for dressings and marinades



Substitute butter for rapeseed oil, for nutritious cakes and bakes

Our Producers

Working With Local Business


Gaytons Bakery

We are a family run traditional craft bakery in the village of Grendon, North Warwickshire. Founded in 1919 and now into the 3rd generation of bakers.


Dreamy Cow

The farm is currently run by brothers Norman and Tony, along with Tony’s wife, Alison.

As a result of falling milk prices, we realised that a change of direction was needed to keep the farm going for future generations. With our love of all things sweet, ice cream was an obvious option for the family to explore and hence our business was born in 2007. Not only do we use our own milk, but also source great tasting ingredients locally, wherever possible, to ensure a creamy and indulgent gelato style ice cream. The egg yolks for our Vanilla and Whisky and Ginger flavours come from the neighbour’s farm and the fresh strawberries used in Strawberries and Cream come from Manor Farm Fruits, Tamworth, just to name a few.

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, both on our farm and in the wider community around us. To keep our carbon footprint to a minimum we use water from our own borehole around the farm and electricity from our solar panels. We also aim to source ingredients locally, reduce excessive packaging and used recyclable products wherever possible.


Sparkenhoe Cheese

David and Jo Clarke are dairy farmers whose families have farmed in the area for generations. David manages the 150 head of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows and the 160 followers. The cows are fed on the farm’s lush pastures and calving takes place all year round to keep the milk supply as consistent as possible.

David and Jo started making ‘Sparkenhoe’, a traditional Leicester Cheese in November 2005. They use the milk produced from their own cows and this is pumped straight from the parlour directly into the cheese vat ready to make the cheese. They now have two new additions to the dairy – Bosworth Field and Battlefield Blue! These are both made with unpasteurised milk and handmade in the dairy.


Bates Butchers

Award Winning butchers of Atherstone are proud of their heritage, and the superb meat and home-made produce they provide for their customers is why they are still here.

This is our life – and we bring a huge amount of passion, skill and experience to everything we do, we are passionate about what we do and committed to providing the highest standards in every aspect. In the way we look source our animals from an eight mile radius for sustainability and to support local farms, how we hang our meat, and in the skills we bring to our butchery.


Inn Farm Dairy

University friends of ours, The Hutchinson’s at Inn Farm Dairy are a family run business which has passed through the generations since 1958 until the present day. The farm is currently under the partnership of Chris Hutchinson and son John who are passionate not only about the farm and the cows but also about the milk they sell to you too.

Inn Farm Dairy is currently milking 200 cows which are mainly grass fed and graze on the lush Derbyshire grass from mid-April to October.  During the Winter months the cows are housed and fed on grass, maize and corn mainly grown on the farm. We also harvest wheat, barley and oilseed rape. All play an essential part in providing the cows with a balanced diet.  We believe you get out what you put in, so controlling the cows feed is fundamental in making our milk taste so good.


Fowlers Cheesemarkers

For over fourteen generations the Fowler family has been developing the craft of cheese-making and today offer an extensive range of cheeses. The dairy today combines up-to-date equipment with hands-on expertise and the result is a range of which any cheesemaker would be proud.

We make our cheese using Farmer Ted's milk from his Montbeliarde herd. A local supplier transporting the milk a mere 3.9 miles before making cheese. Making our cheese a low emissions food.


Some of the most delicious food I've ever eaten. Gives a whole new meaning to the word fresh!


100% British

All cattle is 100% British and 100% grass fed.


To protect and enhance our environment and pass this directly to our customers, in order they can enjoy the finest nutritionally balanced and sustainable products from our family farm.

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