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Record Heat wave!


New Life on the Farm!

Well that is it for another calving season. All our beautiful cows and heifers have calved, and what super calves they are! Two sets of Twins! Also one of our pedigree cows has produced a wonderful specimen for a breeding Bull so we are most excited to welcome Packsaddle Armstrong! They are such a fabulous breed and have …

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The ‘Bee’ all and end all!

We have had the same bees here at Antrobus Farms for over 20 years now. Despite the mixed weather of Summer 2017 our bees have still been working hard to forage for pollen and are strong as ever in their hives. It is imperative that we care for our bees as well as we do …

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Welcome to our new Bull – Lordswood Charles

We are proud to introduce our new Bull Charlie to the herd! In June 2017 we took the decision to purchase a pedigree Bull for our new herd. It was a huge step for us in our new breed enterprise.We love cattle and changing to a Native Beef breed was a fantastic step forward for our farm. It …

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Black Gold this Harvest!

Here at Antrobus Farms all the Rapeseed oil we use is grown and harvested on our farm by us! The weather has had its challenges in harvest 2017, which has meant the team have had to combine through the night to get the crop in in the right conditions and there was no rest for them …

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Crispy potatoes

What is a roasty dinner without golden crispy roast potatoes! Rapeseed oil isn’t as thick as other oils, so your roast potatoes go crispy every time! Ingredients 1kg Floury potatoes such as Maris Piper, King Edward 5tbsp Antrobus Farms Rapeseed Oil Good quality sea salt and freshly ground pepper Perfect as above or, jazz it …

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Yumm! Sponge Cake

Delicious food and baked goods that are healthy for you. Amazing right! You may not think to use Rapeseed Oil in cakes and baking but it does work and produces a light, moist sponge! This recipe is super easy! Ingredients 220g Self Raising Flour 160ml Antrobus Farms Rapeseed Oil 2tsps baking powder 220g Caster Sugar …

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